Rotary Milestones

1905    First Rotary club was organized in Chicago, Illinois, USA

1910    First Rotary convention held in Chicago, Ill

1916    First non-English speaking Rotary club was formed in Havana, Cuba

1917    Endowment fund, forerunner of The Rotary Foundation, established

1922    Rotary adopted the name “Rotary International”

1932    Four-way Test formulated by Chicago Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor

1945    49 Rotarians help draft United Nations Charter in San Francisco

1947    Rotary founder Paul Harris dies; first 18 Rotary Foundation scholarships granted

1957    Rotary established the Paul Harris Fellows recognition for contributions of $1000 or more to The Rotary Foundation

1962    First Interact club formed in Melbourne, Florida, USA

1965    Rotary Foundation launches Matching Grants and Group Study Exchange Programs

1968    First Rotaract club was formed in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

1978    Rotary International’s largest convention, 39,834 registrants, held in Tokyo

1985    Rotary announces Polio Plus program to immunize all the children of the world against Polio

1989    Council on Legislation agreed that “Service About Self” be the principal motto by Rotary International; and opened the Rotary membership to women                    worldwide

1995    First Rotary club in Mongolia was chartered (Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar)

2001    30,000th Rotary club chartered

2003    Rotarians raise more than US$118 million to support the final stages of polio eradication

2005    Rotary celebrates 100th Anniversary

2006    Polio reduced to four countries: Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Polio cases worldwide have dropped by 99 percent since 1985

2007    The Rotary Foundation recognizes the millionth Paul Harris Fellow

2008    Rotary receives a US$100 million grant from the Gates Foundation to help eradicate polio

2009    Rotary receives a US$255 million grant for polio eradication from the Gates Foundation

2012    Rotarian contributions for Polio Plus now total over $800 million dollars. .

2014    India has been declared free of Polio.

2015    Ulaanbaatar Rotary celebrates 20th Anniversary

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