Rotary Friendship Exchange

The Rotary Friendship Exchange Program provides a means through which Rotarians in one part of the world can experience life in another country or culture. Its goal is to advance international understanding and goodwill through person-to-person connections across national boundaries.

There are two types of Friendship Exchanges. The first is the Visitor Program in which individual Rotarians, often accompanied by family members, spend a few days in a Rotarian home in another country. The second is the Team Program in which Rotarians, often couples, typically ten to twelve in number, visit several communities in the host district for a period of time up to four weeks. The number of persons on the team and the length of stay are flexible; the districts involved agreeing on those details before the exchange occurs. Districts are also encouraged to consider arranging univocational Visitor and Team exchanges, those in which host and guest Rotarians share the same occupation. Both types of programs are coordinated by district Friendship Exchange committees and both are carried out at no expense to Rotary International.
Friendship Exchange is an international exchange program for Rotarians and their families that provides participants with the opportunity to opportunity to experience other cultures by staying in the homes of Rotarians in other countries.
There are 3 types of Rotary Friendship Exchange Program:
Visitor Program
• Individual Rotarians, who may be accompanied by family members, spend a few days in the home of a Rotarian in another country.
Team Program
• Rotarian couples, typically four to six, visit several communities in a host district for up to one month. 
• Host and guest Rotarians of the same occupation observe how their job is done in other countries.
The Rotary Friendship Exchange program gives Rotarians and their families the opportunity to experience other cultures firsthand, by participating in reciprocal visits with Rotarians from other countries and their families. Introduced in 1984, this program aims to advance international understanding among Rotarians. It provides Rotarians with the opportunity to form personal contacts and make long-lasting friendships while exploring different areas of the world.
Types of Exchanges
There are two main types of Friendship Exchanges, the visitor exchange and the team exchange. The number of people or couples participating and the length of stay are flexible in either exchange. However, both are to be determined and agreed upon by the two districts involved. Rotary Friendship Exchanges are expected to be reciprocal.
Visitor exchange
The visitor exchange gives individual Rotarians, who may be accompanied by family members, the opportunity to spend a few days in the home of a Rotarian in another country. The typical visitor exchange ranges from three to seven days.
Team exchange
The team exchange provides the opportunity for several Rotarians or Rotary couples to travel to different communities in a host district for a period of up to one month.
Univocational exchange
A unique aspect to incorporate into either the team or the visitor exchange is the univocational exchange, in which both guest and host Rotarians are of the same profession. A univocational exchange gives the Rotarians involved the opportunity to expand their views on a common interest.

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