First and second step to rotaract training

Every year, Rotaract club of Tsetsee-Gung organizes “First and Second Step to Rotaract”
training for all incoming club officers and new members to get themselves prepared for the
chances and challenges of their Rotaract lives ahead.

1. To equip new Rotaractors with essential knowledge on various aspects of Rotary and
Rotaract, especially on (1) Background and History, (2) Rotary and Rotaract movement
in Mongolia and (3) Roles and responsibilities of Rotaractor club committees and club
2. To promote continuity of Rotaract life, i.e. encourage new comers to join in and newly
Rotaractors to continue their Rotaract experience with Rotary movement
3. To provide a platform for new Rotaractors getting to know each other and foster their
cooperation in the coming year
As a starting point of their Rotaract lives, we expect that this training program can make a
first yet important impression on new Rotaractors in their beginning journey with us
concerning Rotary, Rotaract, and fruitful opportunities that they can take.

2015 Rotary International, District 3450, Area 9 & Area 10
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